Your website needs to be mobile-responsive.


If anyone – somebody at a design agency, your freelance buddy that makes websites while wearing a toque in Starbucks in the middle of summer, even your mom – tells you that mobile isn’t necessary for your website… run away. This person is either misinformed or doesn’t understand the technology. Mobile device access to the Internet is growing exponentially, and it will soon out-pace desktop and laptop access. By 2014, experts are predicting that more than 50% of web traffic will be happening on mobile devices. Half of all localized searches on the Internet are already being driven by mobile! And 82% of businesses out there don’t have mobile-friendly websites. This is your chance to help your business stand out from the competition.

You don’t need a separate mobile website.

I’ll provide you with a ‘responsive’ website that detects the user’s screen resolution and then morphs and reorganizes the content to display properly. It doesn’t matter what device they’re using – iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android. Your website will be readable and clickable, with no zooming or sideways scrolling required. It’s pretty cool. Responsive design is becoming mainstream for larger organizations… because it’s quickly becoming a necessity. Get on board! I’ll help you become one of the first in your industry to capitalize on this trend.