About me

I’m a Web Content Strategist

What does a Web Content Strategist do? I help clients identify and fulfill web-related content requirements. I steer the information architecture, content development, and search engine optimization aspects of web design projects. I work with a select group of elite web developers to produce end-to-end web design projects. Content strategy is an essential role in professional web design, commonly found at progressive design agencies and studios.

10+ years of web experience

I have over 10 years of content strategy and web development experience, working both client-side and for agencies, helping corporate, government, and not-for-profit clients realize success on the web. Employers and clients I’ve worked with include: Thomson Reuters, CCH Canadian, Sympatico, Bell TV, Bell Mobility, Mazda, Parks Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the County of Peterborough, and a variety of small businesses and niche organizations.

A long-overdue new beginning

In 2012, I began producing start-to-finish web design projects with a collective of designers and developers, because I saw a huge gap and a great opportunity: Small businesses need and deserve professionally-developed websites, but most freelance developers are amateur, without resources to assist with what really matters: content development, and many small agencies have to inflate prices, restrict time, or hire inexperienced employees in order to cover wages and salaries for satellite staff (owners, presidents, sales people, etc.) that really play no role in the web design process. What if I could offer professional web design and development services, and direct every dollar of every project’s budget toward the time and expertise of the people actually building the website? Hmmm.

How did I get here?

I was born in Belleville, and grew up in Richmond Hill. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, which I earned at the University of Guelph. With my sights set on law school, I began my career as a legal editor, working for lawyers and writing for legal publications. Print led me to the web, and writing evolved into editorial, then communications and now content development.

I’m a mediocre husband and proud dad. I’m a wanna-be traveller and hobbyist photographer. I love the cottage, Cuba, road trips, and craft beer.

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